Lisa Cossette Design

Usability Specialist

Posted on: April 24, 2012

I design for the user experience and specialize in graphic design, information architecture, user interface design, and usability engineering.

User Experience

Pleasant and successful user experience means happy customers which means that your business goals get met (customer conversion, customer retention, profitability).

I define your users, what they’re trying to accomplish, and the most successful ways to get them to reach their goals (and in turn, help you reach yours).

  • User goal analysis
  • Business goal analysis
  • User & Business goal correlation
  • User personas & categorization

User Interface/Interaction

I provide comprehensive user-centered designs to help developers do what they do best – develop.

I design information, navigation, and interactions for websites, desktop applications and mobile applications.

  • Information Architecture
  • Functional Specifications based on user-centered design
  • Whiteboard mock-ups
  • Wireframes
  • Paper prototypes
  • HTML/CSS prototypes
  • UI Design Standards/Guidelines for different platforms


I perform all forms of usability testing to prove an interaction’s or feature’s success rate. Usability testing as opposed to unit or system testing identifies real-life problems and uncovers solutions in real-time.

  • Usability principles evaluation
  • Contextual inquiry with real-life customers
  • User protocols for usability tests
  • Usability tests (paper & electronic)
  • Prioritized recommendations based on ROI

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